Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whatcha Hidin' Under There?

Naomi likes to hoard the raw hides (we call them chewies).  I remember one day I was at my parents with Zeke and their labs Peyton and Daffy and each lab got to have a chewey.  They are so hyper when they are together but Nay often sneaks to a corner.  That day Nay noticed each lab was forgetful of their own and slowly she would go to each chewey and take them over to the living room to her own corner.  Next thing you know she had 4 full chewies.  This picture shows you all the cheweys she was probably hiding from Zeke, under the bed. 

So if you had a stash you could hide what would it be?  I think we all have things we "hide".  I have a few friends that I consider "unconditional".  I feel like I can tell them anything about myself, my faith, my feelings and they would love me no matter what.  That they would not judge me and that they would accept me wherever I may be.  These friends are the ones that I can call on no matter what is going on in my life.  These are the friends that I don't have to hide from.
I am glad that our God is unconditional.  Even if we want to hide something from Him, we cannot.  The most wonderful thing about God is that He is the One that truly does understand us.  Our actions and reactions, whether right or wrong.  He is ever compassionate towards us and cares for us as His children.  I am glad that God is unconditional and loving, that He wants to cradle me in the palm of His hand.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After the Rain


It rained today. I couldn’t help but think how glad I am that it is raining. My flowers that I planted last week need this rain to survive. Every flower I have ever bought for the summer, has died within weeks and I am determined that this year it will last. This is the first year that I actually planted some in the ground so I think it might work (if I water it like I should).

I read today in “Streams in the Desert” by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman that instead of looking at the rain you need to look at the daffodils that will bloom in result of the rain. Instead of seeing the storm, see the blessings that have yet to come.

I am one of those that have a difficult time seeing the blooms yet to come. I believe our human hearts like to wallow in our pain. Have you ever seen a dog wallow? The first dog I ever saw a dog wallow was a weimeraner named Cole. Our neighbors in Tennessee had him. He loved to get out in the mud and just roll in it. I could hear his master, in her sweet southern accent yelling at him…”COLE, COLE, stop it!”

Our human hearts like to wallow in our own pain, to not look for the daffodils yet to come. I think it is just hard to see past tomorrow. To know what is yet to come. I often do not understand the ways of God and His doings, and it is then that I have to focus purely on Him, that He does have control. “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” This verse is just as applicable to the Christian who lives their life like there is no God. To be in despair as if God is not in control. So often when things go wrong we wonder why God is doing this to us but we don’t wonder what God has yet to do for us. We are quick to blame but not quick to praise. Keep praying for the daffodils that are yet to come. Maybe your daffodil is just around the corner.

Words that Matter

(06/14/2010) Expressing yourself. I am not sure that words are always adequate but yet we use words to describe how we feel. My husband and I have an ongoing joke. Instead of saying “You look great” we’ll say things like “You look like a champion” we might say something like “you look like a gold medalist” or “you look like a Stanley Cup Winner”. A play on words I guess you would say.

Sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes we express ourselves through emotional outbursts….laughter, tears, screaming. Sometimes our emotions are so overwhelming that all we can do is be silent.

I often wonder what it is to get in the mind of my chocolate labs. The curiosity of Zeke and the maturity of Naomi would give such interesting life views. I know I would realize the importance of walking them, playing with them, feeding them, loving them. Though I cannot get in their minds, though they cannot express this to me with words, I still know what they need.

Words are used to communicate effectively to others what needs to be communicated. Some people are gifted with saying just the right thing at the right time, they write Hallmark Cards. Some people are able to couple the gift of speaking with the gift of compassion, offering to someone hurting, just the right thing to sooth the hurting heart. Then there are those whose “gift of gab” lays out a place of danger to themselves and to others. Not thinking before they speak, gossiping about others, repeating things that should not be repeated.

It is amazing how words can be used to sooth or to burn, to comfort or to hurt, to help or to cause grief. I remember in high school my English teacher always talked about “filler” words. Words used in a report just to fill the blank space. In Bible College, I remember pondering on “vain” words. Words that was empty and meaningless.

I have learned in my short life how important it is to watch your words, to choose carefully your conversation. With today’s technology of blogs and facebook updates, it is even more important as our lives are openly advertised to the world.

As I write this I remember words I regret, I also recall the words that have been repeated about me or my family; the hurt and the pains that have been caused by the unruly tongue. I also remember the words of comfort and encouragement that have been so often given to me in days that seemed dark. I am thankful for those who have chosen their words so carefully.

I hope that I can make my words matter…..James 3