Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Change isn't always easy. I like change. I guess because my Dad dragged me around the world growing up. I am a military brat, as they call it, but I think being a Marine's kid is really a positive thing.
I think I accept change a lot better because of it. I do think as I get older, it does not get easier. Naomi didn't accept change very well to begin with. Zeke was a new addition to the home and now she shares her toys, her home, and little Zeke occassionally tries to steal her bed. (He liked it so much he peed on it....or I guess the polite way of saying it is he marked it.)
I have to say I am proud of Naomi. She's the big one now, but give it a few more months and she'll be the little one. Right now Zeke takes advantage of her: nips at her, teases her and then runs and hides behind mommy as if he is innocent. She tolerates him and often plays back. That's when he realizes how little he is! A little brother he really is, loving and adoring Naomi while at the same time completely annoying her!! She loves him though. I've never seen her happier, even though the change wasn't easy.
Pretty soon the leaves will turn color, and being the labby mommy that I am, I am already trying to figure out how to get Zeke to stay still enough in front of the colorful trees to get a picture. I am also trying to figure out how I can get Naomi to not be scared of the camera!