Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday Mornings

In case you wonder what Saturday mornings are like in our home with two labs here you go!  I know, Zeke needs to lose weight but he's been working on it by running laps. Yes Nay is sassy but can you blame her? The younger one gets on her nerves.  I thought it would be nice for those of you who read my blog to actually see the scoundrels in action. 

Even though the action can be a bit wild I love Saturday mornings.  Hanging out in the living room in the "somewhat quiet" of the morning.  Catching up on old TV shows.  No schedule.  I might even curl up on the couch and take a mid-morning nap. 

For Zeke and Nay Saturday mornings are a time for entertainment.  I am there to feed them, give them treats, play ball....give them time.  They are happy.  Time is really one of the most precious things God gives us.  He gives it to us to enjoy our family and friends, to enjoy leisure time, to enjoy playing enjoy life.  It is important that during the time He gives us to give time back to Him.  The little things that I enjoy at the end of my week on Saturday mornings cannot compare to the great things I will enjoy at the end of this life. The treasures.  The delights.  The time I give to Him each day, throughout the week, will continue to strengthen me on the journey of life. Just like Saturday mornings offer refreshment.....time with God does much for the soul.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Who's the Boss of Me?

For those of you who have been wondering, I have been on blog vacation.  Partway into July I just decided to take a break.  But, I am back to share my many stories of chocolate.

This brown dog, with the ball in his mouth, somehow he has become the boss of me instead of the reverse.  We are doing all we can to change that.  It is a lot of work and patience but slowly I am taking charge.  He desperately needs socialization because when he is in public he is often scared easily and when he's on his own property he likes to tell passers by how it is.

I really like to be my own boss.  I am very forgiving of my own mistakes and very demanding of my own self.  I reason within quite well.  I am my own best friend.  I always win the fight.  Being my own boss seems pretty easy.  Really, though I have to grasp that I cannot control my happenings.  If Zeke could be in control of everything he'd have many bones, fuzzy blankets, endless food....he'd be a glutton.  Instead I am really his boss.  I decide when and if he eats.  I decide if he can go outside. When he is outside I decide whether or not he is allowed to charge the boundaries....well....we are working on that last part, it's still hit and miss  much to the neighbors' dismay!

It takes a lot of work to get him to remember I am his boss.  God often has to work too hard to remind me He is my boss.  It is not necessarily because I don't obey His will, but maybe sometimes because I get like Zeke and forget who is in control, who will provide my need.  I need a Boss because if I am in control of my own life, well it would be all out of control!