Thursday, November 22, 2012


Nay stands guard and should anyone approach she WILL BARK and there's nothing you can do about it!  She looks for passers-by, wild animals, and maybe a leaf or two being blow across the yard.  All it takes is one distraction though, maybe a snack from a human that will draw her away. 

Sometimes your life doesn't change, but your perspective does.......  You are looking at the same life, the same situation, the same problem and yet you are looking with different eyes.  

Sometimes our vision becomes blurred while our flesh induces anxiety and worry.  We see a problem that is exaggerated by our imaginations.  We don't think on things that are "true, just, lovely or of good report" but we think on possibilities that may not even happen.

Today I am thankful for God changing my perspective on life.  Life is not without it's trials and sometimes I am like Nay on the edge of my property staring down any problem that might come my way.  I thank God though that He has given me a perspective that reminds me of His goodness and His care.

Today, I am THANKFUL.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Zeke does not sleep ALL THE TIME. But, when Zeke settles in it is always with me. I know I've said this before but he is "MY Dog". I have heard references to that in other families but never understood it with Nay. Nay is not choosy with her affections, I truly believe she loves Steve and I equally and will basically just go wherever it suits her. It might be because she is a rescue, but it's probably more because she is a female.

When I visit with my parents Zeke will go out to play and romp around the yard with the other dogs, but just give it time...he will come to check on me, make sure I'm still around. If I am downstairs he will run to the room...look at me...and satisfied he will run back to the other dogs. When I get settled in so does Zeke. Being on the furniture is Jeff's "no-no" (Jeff is Zeke's even better version of Cesar Millan.) Jeff told us no furniture for Zeke, but I've failed in that matter. (Don't worry Jeff, those things you've imprinted in Zeke is still there, he's still a well-behaved dog!) When I am settled in he is settled in right beside me, on top of me, ALL OVER ME!

I told mom recently that I would be home for the holidays since Steve's parents are coming for a visit to Indiana. (They usually watch Zeke when we are away). My mom's statement was "that's good, I was worried. I'm not sure Zeke can handle being separated from you." Of course we both know that's not true, but it sure seems like it at times.

Oh how I need to seek my own Master the way Zeke does. Almost obsessively. I'm so thankful Zeke doesn't have anxiety when I leave but I know he misses me. Steve has found him in "my spot" when gone for a weekend. Waiting.
Interesting enough it is my God who loved me first and it is my God who waits for me. I get distracted in life and neglect Him. If I could just get obsessive about seeking God. If I could get to where I just can't get enough!!! We feed ourselves with the things of God, looking for satisfaction and for what we need to get by...and often times we don't seek again until we are starving and dry. If I sought God with the same obsession and intensity Zeke seeks me....if I let it consume my thoughts and my days then I would find myself fulfilled. Found wanting nothing.

Psalms 23:1 says "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." It is the picture of an animal, following its master and its master fulfilling its needs. If He is my shepherd, I am satisfied.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bottled Up?

Nay is the smallest of all the dogs in our family (I'm including our extended dog family of Daffy, Peyton, Rex as well as Zeke). She is our rescue, sassy and moody.  She wears her feelings all over every inch of her chocolate body.  She’s very expressive.  We use to foster dogs and when we had Samson she peed in his bed.  When Zeke was crated, she peed in front of his crate.  It was one of those spots where you could tell she had to back up to do it.  When she’s scared her whole posture changes, but when my Nay-Nay is happy you can see it from the tip of her tail to the end of her nose.  It’s like energy coming out of her.  She walks happy, she sits happy, she almost smiles at you.
When we picked up NayNay from the shelter her name was (and still is) Naomi.  Naomi means pleasant and so we thought why not?  We kept the name but Steve with all his magical nick-naming skills started calling her NayNay.  (Just like he calls Zeke "Zekey-Zoo" he calls her "NayNee-Boo Boo". And  by the way she got that name way before Honey Boo Boo came into the television world!  After all she is older than her in both dog years and human years.)

Nay makes me ask myself about my own emotions.  I remember as a teenager I'd cry very easily.  I was sensitive and shy.  As a result of all that teenage crying, being an adult I began to bottle things up inside, not wanting to show the weakness I showed as a teen.  Sometimes I allow my emotions to govern my relationship with God.  Sometimes I bottle up and feel like I have to be tough instead of leaning on HIm for the strength that I might need.  As if.....God doesn't know what's really going on with me.

It takes humility to admit it to God.  Admit that I need Him.  I know it seems silly since He already knows what's going on inside of me.  He can read me far better than I can read Nay.  He knows my heart and thoughts, fears and joys.   I can't bottle it up from Him and when I do I act as if I need not God. 

When Nay is afraid it's very obvious.  She's scared of storms. She'll sit on my head to let me know.  She'll follow me around the house.  Just like Nay seeks her master I need to remember to always seek my own Master.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

142 Reasons to be Thankful

One hundred and forty-two pounds of chocolate!  I love and am thankful for these 142 pounds.  Actually, it's probably more than 142 as Zeke has added on a few but we are going to go with their last weigh-ins.  (For NayNay's sake, I won't tell you how much they weigh individually because she's a girl and us girls don't give away each other's secrets)

The other day I came home and they were outside.  I hid in the laundry room and as soon as Steve let them in they ran to me.  They could smell me (hopefully I smell good).  They knew I was home.  They greeted me with a joy only a dog could show.  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.  I am attacked by 142 pounds of unconditional love.

Some people are taking up the daily challenge of listing their thankfulness every day of the month of November.  I have been challenged by Ann Voskamp to have 1000 gifts, as thankfulness is linked with joy.  I have attempted this count and often lose focus.  I have not given up though, I still count here and there.  I try to be thankful.

When I first started counting I mapped out my plan.  If you've read my bio you will know I am a numbers girl. So I decided that if I do at least 100 gifts a month then I would well reach my goal of 1000 reasons to be thankful by the end of the year.  If I am thankful for three things a day then I will reach my goal of 1000 reasons to be thankful by the end of the year.  I calculated and calculated. 

So then I found myself a robot. (Said in my robot voice).  Yes, I was losing the purpose of thankfulness when it became just writing a list to write a list.  When I would get frustrated that I didn't reach my goal.  So I stopped, I stopped counting. 

I had to stop counting though, that was my life this year.  I had to stop everything and be silent so I could hear God speak because I was letting my voice cloud His voice. 

So when everyone started putting "Day One, Day Two, and Day Three..." on facebook.  I have chosen not to participate since this girl is crazy enough to let it become a challenge instead of meditation of thankfulness. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it!

I am thankful.  I am thankful for all your thankfulness on facebook.  I read them, I find joy in them, I think of each of your lives as you write them.  I know some of your heartaches and trials and some of you know mine and just knowing your reasons to be thankful is contagious. 


A Holy Experience