Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can You?

I am a "Survivor" fan.  I've recently been watching the "Heroes vs. Villians" series and am amazed at how comparable it is to real life. 

I remember the episode where a "Hero", Candice, turned "Villian".  She wanted immunity and so she traded sides.  She "back-stabbed" or "deceived" her Hero tribe to gain the possibility of "safety" by joining the Villians.

I remember when her hero teammate voted her off, Colby said "I can honestly say, I am proud of the way that I have played this game, can you?". 

So I think about life itself.  I have recently worked in an atmosphere that would be best described as "toxic".  I have learned that this atmosphere turns people to do things that is completely out of their character.  To change their principals, in order to "survive"....for each person "survival" means something different, but "survival" is important.

Today, I was rescued.  God rescued me from having to make decisions that are against the nature that He has born inside me.  I can honestly say, that I am PROUD of the way that I played the game.  I thank God that He found a way....He found an out for me.  He found a place for me to RISE ABOVE.  To no longer be contaminated by the ways of those that chose the path of the "villian".

Not only is my name at stake, but when my name is at stake, the Lord's name is at stake.  I have a long journey ahead...but I believe that God takes care of me.  That He will continue to bless the road I am journeying on.  So today, I praise Him. 

It is true....God let me see beyond the trees.  I don't just see him in the good, I see him in the difficult trying times.  You can never know true forgiveness, until you have sinned.  You can never know true grace, until you know trials.  You can never know you've been rescued.....until you find yourself drowning.  His ways are above our ways.

Comfort of a Lab

The comfort of a lab.  Anyone who has a lab, and lives with a lab, knows the comfort of a lab.  After a long day I crawl into bed to have my lab curl up next to me.  I know that Nay and Zeke are often comforted by our presence, but I wonder if they know how comforted I am by theirs?

As I am on my way home from work each day I think of the comforts at home.  I think of my husband and my labs waiting for me.  Greeting me with love and affection.  Unconditional love is priceless.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wreaking Havoc

Zeke is my mail sorter.  At least he was when he first started living "outside" his crate.  Now he picks and chooses his "chew toys".  Chewed up my favorite "Clark" sandles the other day.  All I can do is sigh....what else do I expect?

I sit here as Naomi is walking circles around the hall ways.  We have two hallways that run parallel to each other.  One connects the dining room to the kitchen/living room/greatroom.  The other connects the living room/great room/kitchen to the front door.  She is circling...because the air pressure is changing.  Sometimes she switches directions and goes the other way.  She is "pacing".  (Zeke is chewing a bone in the corner..should take it away since he's on a diet)

Don't most of us pace when we're nervous?  I'm not sure why we do it.  I think sometimes we wreak havoc in our own lives with our pacing and worrying.  To "wreak", or "to inflict or execute".  Do we cause ourself our own worries sometimes? 

Naomi is quiet, she leaves very little "mess" in our home, but we are often spending time with her, comforting her, as she wreaks havoc upon herself over these storms.  Zeke, he demands attention for a different reason and that's because he wreaks havoc in our home.  I have to clean up the mess he leaves behind because he certainly can't.  (well, I don't want to leave it there for him to eat, and then poop it out later).

So I need the self-discipline to not wreak havoc upon myself.  To inflict myself with unecessary worry or fear.  To execute pain and hurt.  I know the Lord said to hold my peace and He will fight for me.  I wish I could see the battle raging and therefore the victory would be easier to see.  I know He has a plan, and he can see what happens in the end.  I wish He would show it to me. 

But patiently I wait....