Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mole Holes

Winter was long and cold.  It seeped into spring and is leaking into summer.  This time last year it was already 90's and this year we are barely 80 degrees Fahrenheit.   Yet it is time to plant the flowers and mulch the flower beds.  To mow the lawn and spray the weeds. 

Then there are those pesky mole holes in our yards.  The dogs love them and NayNay-- my "Hole Digger" likes to go after them.  I remember when she was at my parents house a few years back mom said she looked out the back window and saw Nay's tail and rear end up in the air but her head and rest of her body seemed to be buried in the mole hole as she was digging after the colony. 

She's always been a hole digger.  Our house has a fireplace and that part of the house sticks out.  One summer she was making a habit to dig under it.  I went out one day to find her laying in the hole.  Dust was circling her and Zeke was too big to fit under there with her so he was happily circling around her thinking it was a game.

I put rocks in the hole.  That didn't help.  She still ended up digging.  Sometimes she comes running in the house with dirt on her nose.  I am sure of one thing.  NayNay is having herself a good time outside!  She always looks happy and satisfied when she comes back inside.

There is simplicity in the life of a dog.  How many times have we said-- I wish I had the life of a dog!  Eating, sleeping, playing! 

Nay could be totally annoyed by all the holes in the yard and the critter invading her territory, but instead she digs.  She digs, and while she digs her tail wags left and right telling of her happiness.  

It seems like sometimes life brings us mole holes and they seem to complicate our day and our lives.  We complain and worry.  We often complicate life.  We lie awake at night worrying over problems we cannot control and we engage in mindless activities that take us away from real life events.  We let the mole holes take over our life like they've taken over our yard.

Even when life is difficult there are moments to enjoy the simplicity in life.  Sit on the porch and drink tea.   Walk the dog.  Stop and listen to my husband sing.  Listen to my family laugh.  Try to spot the first lightening bug of the summer.   Deep breaths of honeysuckle air.  Counting gifts.  Watching Nay dig holes instead of trying to stop her, I mean really...if she could get one of those critters maybe there would be less holes?