Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unwrapping Tuesday

Daffy is my mom and dad's yellow lab.  Daffy is almost human.  She knows which presents are hers and she opens them.  My chocolate ones....not so much.  Nay won't tear it up, I think she's a bit OCD.  Zeke, he just gets so excited in all the festivities he can't concentrate on one task!  He runs here and there, zig-zag, everywhere!! 

Today I am taking on the challenge of unwrapping Tuesdays.  Finding the gifts in today.  Sometimes I'm like NayNay and I get a bit OCD and don't enjoy the little things in life.  Sometimes I'm like Zeke and I'm all in a hurry trying to soak everything up that I miss the little things.

Knowing I would unwrap Tuesday's gifts my mind has been like Zeke, running all over the place trying to find some awesome gift I could blog about.  Hmm, air-conditioner frozen up (we like it cold even in winter), woke up with a headache, should've changed lanes earlier because now I'm making people mad trying to squeeze-in so I can turn right.  Mornings are never smooth for this night owl.

In the end of all my messy thinking I just decide I am so grateful for THIS Christmas.  I have had some hard winters.  For some the Christmas season is when people push away all the hard things and forget about them, but some hard things you have to live every day.  You worry that one bad day will lead to a worse day.  Your worries consume you.  Our home is affected by seasonal depression and Christmas does not allow us to push away this hard thing, we can't just forget about it for the sake of Christmas.

And then I think of families I know, those with cancer, those who have been fighting it for years, those who are just now fighting it.   Those who are tired of fighting it.

Life is hard.  And just when you think you are the "good girl" and deserving because you did "good things"  you realize you are not deserving of anything.  That God serves you life and as His child your response says what kind of child you are.  This is not the life I planned but this is the life God has given me.  He knew I could find the gifts in it, He knew I could have the joy.  For some reason, this Christmas I am seeing His gifts more than I usually do.  It is not something I can point at or even list, but it is a joy that quietly rests within.

So today, when I un-wrap Tuesday, I don't see anything I can hold in my hand, but I am reminded of Who can hold me in His hand, and I find JOY in tuesday and everyday.

(You can also unwrap tuesdays with me, visit Chatting At the Sky with Emily Freeman)


Maureen said...

I love your last lines, reminded of who I am and Who holds my hand. Great post - we have a yellow lab, too, and yes, she does seem human sometimes! She is blind, with diabetes, but that doesn't slow her down much, and she is still full of "person"ality!
Visiting from Emily's - isn't this fun?

Debbie said...

Thanks Maureen. I checked out your blog too. I am reminded to want more the right things! I also see you are a 1000 Gifts fan as well. Daffy has cancer. She was diagnosed in February and given 2-4 months and she's still hopping a long, I'm sure much like your yellow. I can't wait for Emily's third book!! :)

Melimda said...

So many good thots, Debbie! You are becoming quite the blogger! Thank you for opening your heart and "sharing your world" Just one of the reasons I love you....your honesty and ability to make me think! Today I am going to unwrap Wednesday along with you....there are gifts just waiting to be opened. And no matter what the gift, His grace is sufficient for me!