Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeing Hope

It starts with finding one sock and rummaging through the drawer for the matching one.  My tennis shoes are pulled off the shelf and I sit, lacing them up one at a time, making sure they are tight enough to run in but not so tight it hurts me.

Zeke observes.  Zeke knows.  Zeke anticipates. Those shoes, those are my masters walking shoes.  His ears perk up and he wiggles his way to my side, rubbing up against me to express his enthusiasm, his excitement of the walk he's about to take. 

Zeke saw the signs.  In Zeke's canine mind they were signs of a good thing to come.  He had hope. 

And so through this life I stumble, deep breathes as I trudge ahead.  Shoulders dropped, head down, moving forward.  I forget to lift my head, look around, see the signs of hope.  God has placed them all around me.  In the early morning as the sun begins to rise, a sign of the new day.  In the evening, the dawn turns into dark, revealing the sparkling jewels in the sky.  When the summer was dry and the grass was brown, when the rain came.  I didn't see the green. The rain was the sign of things to come.  I blink and it seems my lawn is bright green in the dead of fall.  I should see the signs of hope. The spattering of rain against the glass window, being soaked up by the dry earth.  With each rain, a different shade of green.

My journal laying beside my Bible.  The notes I scribbled from Pastor's messages. the black letters of  hope.  The promises in the large black leather Book.  Messages of hope. 

I had gone on vacation in August and the flowers had died.  I yanked them out of the pot.  Days later, the fall rain God has graced us with, brought forth green.  More flowers, still growing.  Signs of hope.

What do we hope for?  Money, things, places, people.  We hope for so much but really our hope is in the Lord.  Through the Lord is our satisfaction.  He's giving us signs all around, reminding us each day.  In looking for hope you will find God, in all His glory, looking right at you.  Sovereign and in control.  Knowing that what He has for you enough.

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