Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold of Winter

Don't be surprised.  I did not disappear. What am I doing?  Where have I been?  I have been in a battle.  A battle that has left me annoyed and frustrated.  It is a battle with my laptop! 

I did sit down a few times to blog but I decided the computer is the winner but I finally found a loophole....log in as another user.  I don't think that is in the troubleshooting booklet but, well you know, it works. 

First thing I have to tell you is that I found the BEST EVER BROWNIES!  You have to try the recipe.  It is easy and they really are the best brownies I've ever had.  I mean really, you gotta have your chocolate.  You say-- I am a box brownie kind of girl? Well then here you go-- brownies with a twist.

Next thing I have to share is that Nay still has all her teeth (so far) and Zeke lost 8.5 pounds.  (Did you even know that Nay is missing a tooth?  I'll have to take a photo sometime.)  That's the news on them.  Maybe at some point I'll pedal backwards and blog the adventures we've had since I've been missing.

Our most recent adventure was the 9 inches of snow.  These chocolate labs LOVE snow. As I went through the snapshots it revealed many things (besides the fact that we seriously need to clean our siding on the house.)   The photos even look cold but when I began to look even closer I saw something different.  I saw that even in the cold of winter there is warmth.  There is nothing more cozy then when the cuddler, Zeke, gets up close.  There was a day when I would've made comments about the dog hair or the dog drool but now there is warmth and comfort. 

Sometimes life is just like that, sometimes you are in the cold of winter.  It is bitter cold and layers, gloves and hats don't seem to be enough.  The winds of distress blow like cold winds biting at your skin.  The kind of cold that hurts.  But if you look, and kind of squint, and really concentrate the warmth might come over you.  It might come over you in the form of a promise remembered, a song that uplifts the heart, a hug of a friend, a call from a loved one.  God can surround you with the warmth you need.  Sometimes all you can do is be still because you think if you move, you might break.  What you can do though is let those warm gifts that God brings your way-- in the form of song, promises, hugs, phone calls-- or even the love of a dog-- wrap around you and fill you and bring you comfort.


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