Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picket Fences

I have friends who HATE facebook, they say it's depressing.  You know, scrolling through every one's lives.....their cute houses, their perfect children, their ideal marriage...their white picket fences.  I know some of my friends really have cute houses, great children and a great husband.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not underselling them, I know it's out there and you have to be grateful....but it seems there are some who seriously exaggerate.  I think some people make up these white picket fences...or they purposely leave out the parts of the fences that are broken.

What I always find interesting are those updates where everyone complains and spills their guts.  I always find it amusing and I know everyone is saying, "I can't believe she's putting this stuff all over facebook!".  You know the ones who yell about their ex-boyfriend, or complain about their job.  The weird thing is, those are the people who are REAL.  Truthfully, I am quite private myself.  I don't need for my daily goings on to pop up as gossip in the church circles or to attend a class/family reunion and have people ask me about how things are going with "your last status update."  Anyways, I think "I'm going on vacation" equals "come rob my house".

It is just necessary that we all have some type of fence to guard what is behind it.  What is your fence?  Is it really you I am reading about?  Not many will say..."I got in the biggest fight with my best friend yesterday and I've defriended her!".  (insert chuckle). 

Still thinking on my fence but I hope that you see what is real.....well, what I allow you to see anyways ;)