About "Us"

Meet Debbie:

My name is Debbie and I live my life, one day at a time, one step at a time.  My faith is a huge part of my every day life.  It weaves in and out of my minutes and hours, binding it when I'm not even noticing it.  I am a typical "girl".  I like pink, shoes, purses, candy, books, music, and my dogs.  I write for fun so excuse the grammatical errors as I am more a numbers girl than a grammar girl. I never liked to pet dogs but somewhere along the way that all changed.  I use my labs to tell my story and my God uses my chocolate labs to remind me of His story, that's why I can never have too much chocolate.

Meet Naomi:

My name is Naomi but I am called Nay-Nay.  I am the first family dog and was adopted from a shelter in Tennessee.  I was probably two when they adopted me in 2004.  My family pretends I am named after Naomi in the Bible but I am actually a Judd because I went to the shelter with my puppy Wynonna.  I am terrified of storms and extremely stubborn.  I love to play with squeaky toys and my favorite treat is beggin strips.  I rarely get any so when I do, I often dance for them.  At 55 lbs. I am small, soft, sweet, and sassy.

Meet Ezekiel:

My name is Ezekiel Barnabus.  My family calls me Zeke.  I arrived in my home in August of 2008 as a wee puppy.  I am Debbie's dog. I never leave her side when she is at home, unless of course Steve goes to the kitchen and I hear it.  I have seizures on occasion which always bring excitement but they are manageable.  I like to bark at lightening bugs, animals, and anything that suddenly moves.  Surfing is my sport of choice...counter surfing anyways.  Though i am a huge 90 lbs. and bark a lot, I am extremely loving.

Meet Steve:

Steve and I married October 18, 2003.  He is my God-given partner in this life journey.  We live, love and laugh a lot together.  He is not mentioned often in my blog and yet he is very much a part of it.   I am thankful for a man who loves God, seeks God and inspires others.