Thursday, September 13, 2012


When my dogs hear something their ears perk up.  They listen carefully so they can determine the source of the noise.  Sometimes, Zeke even tilts his head as if he’s thinking about it.

Silence….it’s what I needed.  So I shut down what noise in my life that I could.  I shut down my Facebook and I stopped blogging.  I had to stop and “listen”.  I had to let my ears perk up so I could hear what God was telling me.  Everything was noisy in my life. 

There is pain in life.  Sometimes that pain makes me twist and turn, a little uncomfortable.  Like needles pricking me unexpectedly.  Then there is the pain that just makes me grumble and complain, the kind that makes me frustrated and upset with where I am.  And then there’s pain that silences me.  I don’t twist and turn, I don’t grumble and complain, I am humbled.  I am aware of my weakness.  God says “listen” and the pain makes me still.

Like Zeke I need to perk up and listen.  No matter the source of the noise, God has allowed it.   At first when I listen I hear nothing and hearing nothing is just more pain.  But God said “Be still.”  So I continue to silently listen.  If I am patient I then begin to hear what I need.  I hear grace.   I hear mercy.  I hear hope.  I hear Jesus.  Jesus calms, Jesus brings joy.  With the deepness of every trial, the deepness of God is revealed to me.   His presence is even clearer within, like thick air that surrounds me.  I imagine as I lay down that I am cradled in the palm of His hand.  This is what He wants.  So that he can give grace and be glorified as I walk forward.