Monday, February 28, 2011

Presence- Sometimes It's All We Need!

Do you think it is possible to "feel Jesus"?  I would first like to say that I don't base my faith nor my salvation on how I "feel"....I base it on what God's Word says, but still, I wonder if I can feel Jesus. 

I am one who likes to keep my emotions inside and contained.  So often, many people don't want to be "emotional" in church because emotion is not to be mistaken for the Holy Spirit, but I do believe God uses our emotions at times to speak to us.

There are days that are so hard, that the emotions build, and for a moment I can sense God speaking to me and nudging and reminding me what is important.  A sense of calm will rush over me.  It's like I can "feel Jesus".  Have you ever had this experience?

As i type this, all cramped up with my computer way up on my chest in the bed, because Zeke is laying half in my lap...I think of the comfort of the presence of God and knowing his presence.  Yesterday it STORMED.  Naomi was beside herself....but it seemed that no matter where she went she made sure that either I or Steve was present.  Right now Zeke is laying on top of me.  Our presence comforts our dogs.

I know this blog post is not necessarily politically correct or at least on this blog post proven with Scripture....but for me it is real.  I don't know what God does in those moments where I really feel like a weight has been taken from my shoulders, or where I feel a sense of calm rush over me, or when I feel like sunshine is hitting me but its not.  Really, it is through those experiences where I feel God is speaking to me and God is taking care of me...and God is reminding me that "HE IS".....everything I need. 


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting in Shape

This weekend I took Nay and Zeke to my parents' house to play.  I know it sounds kind of funny but they have "running around room" and two labs of their own.  While I was there my mom confirmed what I had already been talking about for weeks..."Zeke is getting chubby."  The look on his face in this kind of makes me wonder if he knows?  I don't think so...he loves food way too much to let his weight get him down.  I am thinking he knows I've been batting around the idea of a green bean diet for him.  He's had other diets that did not work.  He ended up getting all kinds of food off the counters.  I know you think I should train him not to do this...BUT...I have never SEEN him counter surf but the evidence I have found in the dining room suggests otherwise.

I need to lose weight too.  I have heard this green bean diet (consisting of green beans and kibble) is very successful.  I am even considering the kibble!  :)

This past summer, I took my 35 year old "over-weight" self on a journey.  As they say, losing weight in your 30's is not like losing weight in your 20's.  I started with a mile a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it didn't work.  I cut back on calories, and it didn't work.  So what did work?  Two miles a day and a good protein good carbs diet.  I lost weight, FINALLY.  I took a break and never went back.  I still have more to lose, not much, but enough to be considered a healthy and happy weight.

When I think about my physical health and how it affects me mentally and emotionally (because Zeke's expression looks how I feel!) I also think of my spiritual health.  When I make time to read God's promises in the Bible and think on them, I find that my spiritual health is strengthened. 

I have to get in shape physically but not to neglect getting in shape spiritually.  I find that with life experience the reality of God becomes more sure. Sometimes He takes things away from us so that we only see Him.  In life we concentrate so much on the temporal.  What kind of paycheck we bring home, what nice things we buy, and the work we do each day. These things are all important but it is not as important as that which is eternal.  I HAVE TO get in shape.  It will allow me to serve God more effectively when I am healthy. Though I feel that I have progressed this past summer there is still more that I can do.  I cannot allow some progress to keep me from the goal I need to make.  I also HAVE TO get in shape spiritually.  The outside is merely the result of the inside.  On occasion we can wear a great disguise on the outside...but eventually the truth will reveal itself.  I cannot allow feeling  "a little bit good" about the time I spend with God each day, keep me from gettting even more from Him so that I can feel "a whole lot good". 

May I find myself working as hard on the inside as I do the outside.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Morning!!

I had all kinds of blog ideas the last few weeks but I could not resist sharing with you Zeke and Naomi's new habit.  This week, each morning, they have decided to be the "see the neighborhood off" committee.  Yes, every single car that leaves our culdesac, every car that they can see from our back windows, and every child to ride the school bus....they say good bye to each morning.  When does this begin?  Well, let's see, on Monday morning it started around 5:15 a.m.   

If we could only face each morning with the same excitement and vigor.  Some of you may have that sunshine feeling as you pop out of bed each morning to giggle and smile as you face the day, but me....oh no....I drag myself out of bed, half-blind, slipping in my contacts, and slowly but surely drudging forward.   Now, in the evening it is a whole other story.  I am WIDE awake! 

 Be excited, each day God gives you is a new day.  Watch for the blessings and know them when you see them.  I am one to usually not notice because I'm too busy "doing".  I want to be like my own labs when they see the neighbors leaving each morning....seeing the blessings and rejoicing in them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Only He Can Calm the Storm

I am posting this for a few friends of mine who have some storms of their own.  I wrote it when I was going through a storm.  I know we all have them! 

When the storm around me rages, and I face a darkened sky
And the problems they grow greater, that I'm tempted to ask why
When I find myself fallen, on my knees to ask in prayer
"Lord, wrap your love around me, show me that you care"

Only you can calm the storm, and carry me through
Though the waves they toss above me, Lord, help me to see you
You can make the storm waters; feel as if it's calm
Lord give me strength to make it, Lord help me carry on

When life's trials get so heavy, and I know I'm in the storm
I see what is around me, instead of looking to My Lord
And the moment that I call Him, the storm becomes peace
And even though the waves move, it will feel as if they've ceased

And when the sea is calm, and I have not a care
Lord, help me to remember, to still call on you in prayer
And through each day I'll seek you, finding strength for every day
And when the storms come raging, I know that I can say

Only You can calm the storm, and carry me through
Though the waves they toss above me, Lord help me to see you
You can make the stormy waters feel as if it's calm
Lord give me strength to make it, Lord help me carry on.

Only you can calm the storm, and carry me through
Lord, give me strength to make it....Lord, I depend on You.

by Debbie Fincher, September 2004